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Vanda Juknaitė (born 28 November ) is a Lithuanian writer, playwright and essayist. One of her more notable works, the memoir Išsiduosi. Balsu: esė, pokalbiai, published in Lithuania in was translated into English by Laima Sruoginis as My Voice Betrays Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Išsiduosi. Balsu. Vilnius: Lietuvos rašytojų sąjungos leidykla. (An extract tr. by at (accessed. Gitana Vanagaitė, LEU, Lituanistikos fakultetas Department, Faculty Member. Studies Narrative Theory, Critical Theory, and Literary Theory.

The results of the English data analysis are in line with the observations made by van der Auwera, Schalley, and Nuyts that the use of modal auxiliaries is more frequent than that of adverbs and that this higher frequency seems to correlate with their degree of grammaticalisation. Similar conclusions are drawn in Mortelmans Meanwhile it is difficult to give a clear answer on the conditions and reasons that have predetermined the present architecture in the domain of modal realisations in Lithuanian.

It is difficult to delineate our argumentation by relating it to areality issues or to the differences due to the processes of grammaticalisation or lexicalisations, 29 because there has been no research carried out in Lithuanian linguistics and there is scarce or no data that could shed light on the diachronic development of the phenomena.

Methodologically, the study can be seen as the one offering more evidence on the importance and plausibility of corpus-based contrastive methodology in linguistic research. As has been shown in the paper, findings obtained in the analysis of translational correspondences fully support and corroborate the results of the interlinguistic contrast based on similarities and differences detected in original English and original Lithuanian.

Moreover, though not directly, the subject dealt with in the paper is related to the issue of translation equivalence, or to be more precise, touches upon the problem of congruent and non-congruent correspondences in the domain of grammatical categories.

First, it is obvious that the translational paradigm indicates language-specific differences in the process of grammaticalisation. Second, and in parallel, the preliminary results obtained by contrasting Lithuanian- English epistemic modal correspondences support the viewpoint that the meaning of modal adverbs and words is very much context dependent and that they have to be analysed both in terms of modality and of discourse, as is claimed by Aijmer The abundance of inserted modal adverbials particles and words in Lithuanian might be a compensatory way to bridge the language-specific differences in modal meaning realisation.

Alongside the processes of grammaticalisation and pragmaticalisation, the weakening of meaning might also signal differences in use of pragmatic convention.

Vakaras su knyga.

Acknowledgements We are sincerely grateful to Ms Ann Kelly for reading our manuscript and offering her kind advice. Our thanks are due to all the anonymous reviewers for their helpful comments and critical remarks on the original draft, which has substantially improved the final version of the paper. In order to economise on space and for the sake of convenience, the short stories written by the same author have not been listed separately.

Only the titles of short story collections and the number of the translated short stories or extracts included into the corpus have been indicated. Tuesdays with Morrie. New York: Doubleday. Antradieniai su Moriu tr. Dagys 31 BD — Barthelme, D. The School. Mokykla tr. The Da Vinci Code. How to Be Good. London: Penguin Books. Looking for Alibrandi. New York: Orchard Books. Kas tu, Alibrandi?

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Vanda Juknaitė

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The side of a ship on which it was laden that is loaded was called the ladeboard, but its opposite, starboard, influenced a change in pronunication to larboard. BC was an archaic Greek poet from the island of Lesbos. Sappho is known for her lyric poetry, written to be sung and accompanied by a lyre. This is the best effort by a scholar who obviously is an expert in Greek Poetry.

The organization of the poems agrees with that of Lobel and Page's great work, but Campbell has carefully examined all extant papyri and other manuscripts to gather all possible clues which might help to determine the meaning of a word in the poem's context. Hellenistic Poetry. Poetry flourished in Alexandria in the third century BC. BC was an Athenian statesman, lawmaker and poet.

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Palmer Eds. Compare all in the summary of the values presented in Table 4. It is difficult to delineate our argumentation by relating it to areality issues or to the differences due to the processes of grammaticalisation or lexicalisations, 29 because there has been no research carried out in Lithuanian linguistics and there is scarce or no data that could shed light on the diachronic development of the phenomena.

An extract tr.

Clean Savas kambarys, 2 dalis. Aijmer Ed. Moreover, the English texts have been translated by 8 translators 5 women and 3 men ; the Lithuanian texts have been translated by 19 translators 13 women and 6 men. Berlin and New York: Mouton de Gruyter, Data and method The research is based on the analysis of the data obtained from a self-compiled bidirectional parallel corpus — ParaCorpE-LT-E.

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